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Donkey Breed Society - (Full Member)

We aim to be a friendly Society, providing a full range of activities of interest to all or members, from the youngest to the oldest, donkey owners or not.  To be a member of the Donkey Breed Society gives you the opportunity to meet other like-minded people who have the best interests and welfare of the donkey at heart.

Whilst the Society aims to improve the quality and conformation of the donkey by promoting careful and selective breeding, it also seeks to encourage a fuller and more active life for those which are either much loved family pets or simply companions for other animals.  This can be achieved by participating with donkeys in walks and other social activities; by exhibiting donkeys in the show ring; by driving donkeys for pleasure or competitively;  by children riding donkeys.

The Society aims to promote the donkey by providing opportunities for the general public to meet and interact with donkeys  and through education in the proper care and management required.  

The Society will not stand by and see donkeys being ridiculed or mistreated.

Tel: 01732 864 414



Office Hours: 10:00am - 04:30pm

Donkey Breed Society Representatives: Mrs Pam Moon & Mrs Carol Morse

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