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The British Horse Society

The British Horse Society qualifications have set the benchmark for industry standards since they were founded in 1947. Since then, they have continued to grow to become the largest and most influential equestrian charity in the UK with over 119,000 members.

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Part of the Society's primary objectives is to support and advance the education and training of the public in all matters relating to the horse to promote the well-being, safety, environment, health and management of the horse.

The BHS have two core pathways for anyone to follow whether you want to gain professional, industry recognised qualifications to spring-board your equine career or you simply want to learn more about horses and improve your skills for personal achievement.

BHS Career Pathways

The world-leading BHS Career Pathways offer you the opportunity to progress your career with horses and learn practical, real-world skills within a structured platform. The BHS qualifications showcase your practical skills and knowledge to employers, clients and colleagues to put you ahead in your career. Developed with your career in mind and extensive industry consultation, the BHS Career Pathways support a progressive career with relevant industry knowledge and experience. You can be sure that your qualifications embed the latest research and technologies to keep you ahead in your career.

BHS qualifications are practical based qualifications in horse care, stable management, lungeing, riding and coaching. Beginning with the basics with Stage 1 progressing your skills and knowledge to industry leading BHS Fellowship, BHS qualifications will support you to enter employment and progress your career. BHS qualifications from Stage 2 up to Stage 4 are awarded by BHS Qualifications (BHSQ), an awarding organisation recognised and regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) in England, SQA Accreditation in Scotland, Qualifications Wales (QW) and the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland. BHSQ works in partnership with a variety of organisations to develop and award qualifications for the equestrian industry. This ensures BHSQ qualifications are fit for purpose for the sector.

Find out more about BHS Career Pathways qualifications.

BHS Recreational Pathway

If you are not working towards a career with horses, and simply want to develop your knowledge and skills or improve your confidence, the BHS offer a wide range of learning opportunities. BHS Challenge Awards are dedicated to support anyone that simply loves horses to learn more about them without the formalities of assessments that our Career Pathway qualifications require.

It doesn’t matter what previous experience you have with horses, or if you’re a complete beginner. All you need is enthusiasm and a love for horses! You do not even need to own your own horse.

The BHS Challenge Awards products are available for any horse enthusiast, with products suitable for ages four and upwards. They can be delivered within any BHS Approved Riding Centre, or with a BHS Accredited Professional Coach who can come to your yard and work with you and your horse.

Find out more about the BHS Challenge Awards.

Continual Professional Development

The BHS also deliver CPD courses, training and events nationwide covering a range of subjects for all abilities and interests. Our popular CPD includes:

Equine Specific First Aid an essential course for anyone involved with horses, providing practical guidance on first aid procedures should you be at the scene of an accident. Covers most common types of injuries sustained in equine-related accidents.

Safeguarding for Equestrians outlines the roles and responsibilities we have in our duty of care towards young people, and includes helpful guidelines on protecting young people and promoting good practice within the equine industry.

Mental Health First Actions is suitable for all adults within the equestrian industry giving delegates an insightful understanding of mental health and mental health problems. Developed specifically with the equine industry in mind to raise awareness of how to support others who may be experiencing a decline in wellbeing.

Risk Awareness for Equestrians has been specifically developed by equestrian professionals. It outlines the roles and responsibilities towards health and safety, duty of care and risk management by promoting good practice within the industry. The course will prepare you for building useful risk assessments and logging other important information.

Find out more about CPD courses and our other BHS events.

BHS Qualifications (BHSQ)

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BHSQ works in partnership with a variety of organisations to develop and award qualifications for the equestrian industry. This contributes to ensuring BHSQ qualifications are fit for purpose and meet the needs of the sector.


BHSQ is responsible for ensuring candidates are registered and certificated accurately and fairly. It has many systems, policies, and procedures in place to ensure it does this. These are checked closely to ensure assessment is accurate and fair by verification and monitoring of BHSQ Approved Centres.


BHSQ qualifications are:

  • nationally recognised

  • quality assured

  • vocationally-related

  • mapped to national occupational standards (NOS) where appropriate

  • designed to meet the needs of employers

  • regularly reviewed by industry practitioners.


BHSQ qualifications provide valuable opportunities for candidates to:

  • develop new skills

  • develop existing skills

  • gain underpinning knowledge and understanding

  • progress to further study, education and training

  • progress into employment.


Please find more about BHSQ and qualifications on the website

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