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The Showing Council

Member Body Information

United Saddlebred Association UK Ltd (USA-UK) Associate Member

The United Saddlebred Association UK Ltd (USA-UK) aims to promote the breeding, exhibition, use and improvement of the American Saddlebred Horse with enthusiasm and integrity, as well as supporting all Foreign Breed horse owners in the UK.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Maintaining accurate breed records and ownership details of the American Saddlebred and partbreds in the United Kingdom & Europe, ensuring the purity of the breed in respect of purebreds;

  • Encouraging the showing and breeding of the American Saddlebred and partbreds, and their use in all equine sports, thus promoting the capabilities and versatility of the breed, as well as encouraging and supporting the showing of Foreign Breeds in the UK;

  • Providing regular and current information and news about the American Saddlebred Horse and other Foreign Breeds and linked items of interest to USA-UK members and others;

  • Democratically electing members of USA-UK to the committee annually, to govern the running of the organisation for members, by means of a fair constitution;

  • Providing services for all members, but especially the young, which enhance and encourage appreciation and/or ownership of the American Saddlebred & other Foreign Breeds;

  • Actively promoting the welfare of all equines;

Tel: 07845 774735



United Saddlebred Representatives: Ms Dorothy Hasty and Ms Lynn Jarvis

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