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Advice for the National Mourning Period

10th September 2022

Dear All


I participated in a call with DCMS this morning.  For your information, we have received via UKS the following information:


Further to my email of yesterday evening, please find the National Mourning Guidance here. You may find it helpful to pay particular attention to the section on page 3 regarding Major Events, Entertainment and Sports.

We also recognise that the guidance provides some discretion to sports and event organisers. We are exploring whether there is more we can do to support

sports in taking a consistent set of considerations into account when making decisions on this matter, especially in respect of athletes competing overseas, and will update you in due course if we are able to assist further on this.


For assistance, the specific guidance on Major Events, Entertainment and Sports is as follows:


There is no obligation to cancel or postpone events and sporting fixtures, or close entertainment venues during the National Mourning period. This is at the discretion of individual organisations. As a mark of respect, organisations might wish to consider cancelling or postponing events or closing venues on the day of the State Funeral. They are under no obligation to do so and this is entirely at the discretion of individual organisations. If sporting fixtures or events are planned for the day of the State Funeral, organisations may want to adjust the event timings so they do not clash with the timings of the funeral service and associated processions. As a mark of respect, and in keeping with the tone of National Mourning, organisers may wish to hold a period of silence and/or play the National Anthem at the start of events or sporting fixtures, and players may wish to wear black armbands.


You may be aware that a number of high-profile sporting events have cancelled for today, but all are considering decisions for the weekend.  Indications are that grassroots sports will return for the weekend across the major sports, with all events to mark the appropriate level of respect, e.g. a minute's silence.


Our advice is therefore at this time to plan to continue events over the weekend, subject to any further changes to protocols should they be issued from DCMS.  Our direction and in keeping with the rest of the nation and sporting world, is that you should also cancel or postpone any events you have planned for the day of the funeral.  Whilst the date for this has not yet been confirmed, it is anticipated that it will be held on Monday 19th September (TBC as soon as it is published by the Royal Household). 


If you have any questions, please direct these to and we will put these to UKS and DCMS on your behalf.


If you have any other queries, please do get in touch.


Kind regards



Jim Eyre

Chief Executive I  British Equestrian Federation

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