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Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain (IHSGB)(Full Member)

As members of FEIF (International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations) The Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain (IHSGB) exists to maintain the purity of the unique Icelandic Horse, to promote interest in the breed, to protect the welfare of the breed, and to encourage Icelandic Horse breeding and riding competitions across Great Britain.  The IHSGB is also a Passport Issuing Organisation, approved by Defra; we provide passports for pure-bred Icelandic Horses only.

The IHSGB publishes four newsletters to its membership per year called ‘Sleipnir’ and regularly updates members through an eBulletin, and promotes to the general public via a Facebook page. 

National Championships are held every year, and every two years The IHSGB sends a team to compete at the World Championships.  The IHSGB has members all over Great Britain and there are training courses, pleasure rides, competitions and social events held throughout the country. 

IHSGB members are a very friendly group, and anyone with an interest in the unique Icelandic Horse of Iceland is warmly welcomed.

Tel: 07703 965735



IHSGB Representatives: Ms Martine Bye & Ms Harriet Bye

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