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Haflinger Society of Great Britain (Full Member)

We are a Registered Charity, set up in 1970, that devotes itself to the promoting, breeding & importing of purebred Haflingers in the UK.


The charity’s objectives are:

  • To preserve and improve the standard of horses and ponies in general and in particular the breed of horse known as the Haflinger in Great Britain by promoting and encouraging the breeding and importing of purebred Haflinger horses.

  • To advance public education in all districts and counties in the various arts and sciences connected with the use and management of horses and ponies in general and of the Haflinger in particular.

  • To improve general standards in the management, use and treatment of horses and ponies with particular reference to the special features of the Haflinger horses.  This is done through the education of breeders, importers, exporters, owners, judges, veterinarians, trainers, and members of the public.


As a Society we host events such as the National Haflinger Breed Show, training and regional camps, online Dressage and Photo shows.  Our Annual General Meeting takes place in February.


We foster an interactive community of Haflinger-lovers who come together both in-person and online.

We also have a quarterly newsletter which comes as part of the membership package containing Haflinger News, professional training/educational articles, as well as personal stories. 


For further information, please have a look at our website.

Address:  Willetts, Blackham, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 9TX



Haflinger Society Representatives: Ms Heather Barker & Ms Claire Gray

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