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Irish Draught Horse Society (IDHS(GB))

(Full Member)

The Irish Draught Horse Society (GB) was established in 1979, to preserve, protect and improve the Irish Draught Horse in England, Scotland and Wales, by maintaining high standards of breeding, conformation, quality and soundness.  Our objective is to encourage the breeding of Irish Draught Horses with good conformation, movement and temperament, that conform to the breed standard, that will, in turn, produce good quality, sound horses.

The Irish Draught is a versatile, powerful and athletic animal with substance and quality.  It has a pleasant head, good flat bone and short shins, good spring of rib, strong loins and hindquarters and an active powerful stride. It has a robust constitution and is inherently sound. Its world-renowned good temperament, coupled with its intelligence, trainability and in-built desire to please, make it suitable for all disciplines at all levels.

Tel: 01768 870523



Office Hours: 9am – 5pm Monday - Friday

IDHS (GB) Representatives: Mr Brian Gates & Mrs Norma Grubb

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