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Miniature Horse Club of Great Britain (MHCGB) (Associate Member)

The Miniature Horse Club of Great Britain formed in 2002 is a very friendly and welcoming miniature horse club, catering for all types of Miniature Horse.  We offer classes in three height sections for ​miniatures up to 42".

We are an American Miniature Horse Association (AMHA) approved club and are its oldest and largest club outside of the US.

American Miniature Horse Club GB is the DEFRA approved passport issuing office of MHCGB.  We hold the only DEFRA approved breeding book for miniature horses with American bloodlines following criteria;- Stud book A, for full American Breeding; recognising the three American Registries AMHA, AMHR & ASPC. Book B for horses with 25% American bloodlines and Book C, open to horses which comply with breed characteristics laid down in the breeding programme but do not comply with parentage criteria.   We offer grading of both mares and stallions together with Stallion Licensing. 

As well as shows covering the whole of the UK, we hold two AMHA Approved shows per year within the National Spring Show and National Grand Championship Show judged by approved judges we fly in from the US.    Our National shows are held at high class venues over two/ three days with classes for all types of Miniature Horse. 

We offer highly popular performance classes for Miniatures  including driving, jumping, long reined dressage and obstacle. 

Our current Panel of UK judges contain many well known names from all areas of the UK, highly regarded from the judging, showing and breeding world, some of which have gone on to become approved with AMHA also.   We offer also a junior judge programme to mentor our junior members on the progression to becoming a Panel judge.

We promote the Miniature Horse as 'The horse for Everyone'  their amiable, gentle and trainable temperaments make them ideally suited to being not only pets and companions but can be used for education, care/ nursing home/ school visits along with being highly prized show and driving animals. 

Our knowledgeable Directors have worked together as a team for many years, between them having around 150+ years of equine ownership, competing and breeding experience which they share with members.

Tel: 07976 852634



MHCGB Representatives: ​Ms Jill Robinson & Ms Joan Baker

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